Thanksgiving is the busiest travel season of the year with many people hitting the road to visit out of town relatives and friends. While many families head out on Thursdays making for more traffic and potential accidents, the return trip on Monday can be a hazard to any worker being sent out on the road.

Careers like those in long-distance truck driving or even short-distance pizza delivery during this time of year can be especially dangerous. Bad weather conditions and fast-moving vehicles make for a perfect storm. On the road accidents are common and those who drive for a living are at particular risk.

If you have to be on the road for work during the busy holiday season, it is crucial that you obey all traffic laws including wearing your seat belt. Leave plenty of time to get where you are going so you won’t have to be one of the lead foot drivers out on the nation’s highways.

While you may be most comfortable working behind the wheel of a vehicle, remember that many others on the road are not so relaxed. Battling long-distance drives with a family in tow, through stop and go traffic jams make for a tense drive. Road rage is particularly common during this time and in the interest of safety, drivers should practice extra care and patience when trying to get the job done.

When inclement weather strikes during the busy travel time, it is imperative you are prepared to deal with on-road emergencies by having ice scrapers and bushes inside the vehicle and be sure the engine is properly maintained. Snow tires may be required for the terrain you travel regularly so make sure your employer isn’t neglecting such safety protocols.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and a car accident can seriously take the fun out of the season. Practice safe driving protocol even if the other drivers on the road are not.