Many people are on the road five days a week working as sales personnel for a business. Thanks to the modern technology we have access to today, many sales people can and do have a virtual office in their vehicles. While it may be convenient to contact, email, fax, and research clients on the Internet from the road side, the virtual office presents a huge safety hazard for those driving around for a living.

Texting is already being cited as one of the most common reasons drivers get involved in traffic accidents. While many working in their car during the week may think nothing of texting and calling clients during long drives, it only takes a split second for a sales call to end a life. Not only is your inattention to the road a hazard to you, you are also endangering all of the other drivers on the road.

As more technology becomes available to traveling sales people, the situation may only grow more serious. It is essential that companies establish specific rules for on-the-road staff that prohibits texting, calling, or performing other administrative tasks. Along with that, employees also need to follow those rules and use common sense to avoid anything other than driving when behind the wheel.

While it may seem more convenient to make sales calls during your drive, it is everyone’s best interest for you to pull off onto the side of the road or find a gas station parking lot to conduct business. You may lose ten minutes drive time but you may save several lives, including yours, in the process. Earning a few extra dollars in commissions means nothing if you’ve been severely injured or killed in a car accident or if you are the cause of an accident that injures or kills.