So far, about 31 states have passed laws against texting and driving including New York. In states like Ohio, where there are currently no laws for distracted driving, some counties are trying to increase awareness of the dangers of texting and driving through programs directed at high school students.  It’s a serious concern and safety risk for everyone on the roads.

Many business travelers try to conduct business while on the road – and that may involve checking their email and voice mail from their cell phones, or texting while driving. Not only is it illegal in an increasing number of states and result in hefty fines if caught – but the risks for injury and death as a result of texting while driving are high. Vehicle accidents and workers comp cases often go hand in hand.

Instead of trying to multi-task behind the wheel, get up earlier in the morning and take care of emails, voice mail and business text messaging before you head out on the road. If you absolutely must take a call or reply to a message, pull off the road and wait until you’re parked. It may feel like you’re saving time and being productive by completing these tasks while you’re driving but statistics show it’s not an effective solution. The risks of injuring yourself or others from texting and driving are simply too high.

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