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The village of Cornwall-On-Hudson is located on the Hudson River in the town of Cornwall in the eastern section of Orange County, New York. The community covers 1,337.6 acres and includes 64 acres of water, including Moodna Creek. The village sits near New Windsor, Mountainville, and West Point. Hudson Street is one of the main roadways within the town, in addition to Shore Road and Academy Avenue.

Early History

The area was initially included in the Governor Dongan tract of 1685, and it was known as Willisville. Settlement occurred at Cornwall Landing, a small hamlet just below Butter Hill on the Hudson River. It had the only river landing in the general area.

During the early 1800s, Daniel Tobias sailed from the river landing. To provide communication between the river and the land above, Isaac S. Tobias, Daniel’s brother, built a road in 1807. He used his own finances and constructed the first bridge to provide a road to Willisville.

The community was home to the Mead and Taft Company lumberyard. This business employed as many as 500 people. However, the area began to decline after World War II. Many passenger train services ended, and several of the buildings were demolished. The neighborhood was officially incorporated as a village in 1884, remaining part of the Town of Cornwall.

Historical Landmarks

The village is home to many historical landmarks.

The Amelia Barr House, otherwise known as Cherry Croft, is located on Mountain Road. It sits on the side of Storm King Mountain, just on the banks of the Hudson River. Amelia E. Barr was an American writer born in 1831. She lived in this estate during the most creative and successful times of her writing career. In 1982 it was officially recognized as a historic place.

Camp Olmsted is a retreat and summer camping facility in the village. It has been operated by the Methodist organization, Five Points Mission. It sits along Bayview Avenue, near Storm King Mountain. In 1901, the facility was founded to give immigrant children a place to spend their summers away from the slums of the city. Sarah and John Olmsted donated the 21-acre lot, originally the Olmsted Fresh Air Home. During 1966, the New York City Society took over the camp’s operation, which added winterized cabins that allowed year-round stays. The camp was added to as a Historic Places in 1982.


The Cornwall Central School District provides public schools within the community. Some of these include:

  • Cornwall-on-Hudson Elementary School
  • Cornwall Central Middle School
  • Cornwall Central High School
  • Cornwall Elementary School at Lee Road
  • Willow Avenue Elementary School

Residents can also opt to have their children attend private schools, such as:

  • New York Military Academy
  • Storm King School


The community had a population of 2,918 in 2010. This decreased 1.3% from the count in 2000 of 3,058 residents who formed 1,181 households and 824 families. The breakdown of the ethnicities and races within this count included:

  • 96.63% White
  • 0.39% African American
  • 0.29% Native American
  • 0.65% Asian
  • 0.03% Pacific Islander
  • 0.85% from other races
  • 1.14% from two or more races
  • 3.79% Hispanic or Latino

The village’s per capita was $31,272, and the household income median was $75,300. Women averaged an annual income of $37,857 while men averaged $55,000.

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