The local drug store offers tons of options for curing your medical ailments. This is very true for sufferers of the flu, the common cold, and allergies. Unfortunately, many people will forgo an actual medical diagnosis and instead choose to pay a couple bucks for over the counter medications rather than miss a lot of work or spend money on their co-pay.

While OTC drugs can help in certain situations, those who are suffering from chronic medical issues including allergies need more than a drugstore visit to get to the root of the problem. Medical intervention should be the first step in treating a chronic problem no matter what it is. In some cases, more serious medical issues can be the cause of what ails you but their symptoms can mimic less dangerous issues. In other words, you may be self-treating what you think is a drawn out cold but in reality you have a serious respiratory infection that needs a doctor’s care.

Another danger of not getting a medical diagnosis for health issues is mixing prescription medications you take for other reasons with over the counter medications. Since a pharmacist or doctor is not monitoring the mixture of drugs, you may be causing yourself more serious medical issues without even realizing what you are doing. Over time, this mix of medications can take a serious toll on your health.

Additionally, mixing medications without the supervision of a medical professional can prove to be dangerous for others. For instance, if you are taking OTC medications with prescription medications you can be putting your co-workers as well as yourself at great risk. If medication mixtures cause dizziness, drowsiness, or other complications that impact your job, you are putting yourself in the position of hurting yourself or others during every work day.


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