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Most Common Human Errors Resulting in Workplace Accidents in New York

To err is human, to cause an accident at work may spell trouble – not only for the employee but for the entire company. Safety procedures and training are typically a requirement and a frequent occurrence at many companies. While these seemingly boring tasks of relearning basic safety procedures may annoy employees, it is precisely these trainings that can make all the difference.

Many of the most common workplace accidents that cause injuries or prove to be fatal are caused by basic human error. Here are the most common mistakes people on the job make that have resulted in serious on the job accidents:

Inattention to Safety

Often employees get so comfortable on the job they neglect to include basic safety measures during a typical work day. Failure to pay attention to the basic safety procedures often results in falls, equipment accidents, and other incidents that bring harm to co-workers.


Co-workers who play around in the work environment can pose a safety threat to everyone else on the job. Physical horseplay often leads to serious workplace injuries like broken bones, back injuries, and neck injuries. Even verbal joking around can cause workers to neglect basic safety protocol.


Being tired on the job can be a big threat to safety. Employees who do not get sufficient sleep prior to the start of their workday can cause safety problems by neglecting basic safety procedures, falling asleep on the job, and by operating heavy equipment while drowsy.

Inattention to Details

Too often employees who want to hurry up and get the job done lack a focus on detail that can not only lead to poor production quality and job performance, it can also pose a threat to the safety of the worker and those around them.

Improper Training

Some employers are to blame when improper training results in the injury of others on the job. Not training staff to use equipment, machinery, and even personal protective gear in the proper way can result in serious work-related injuries or prove fatal to those working in the environment.

Workplace Violence

Humans are not perfect and sometimes personal or work-related issues get the better of a person emotionally, resulting in workplace violence.  Many disgruntled employees have made the mistake of bringing problems to the work floor and take retribution out on other coworkers rather than following protocol for dealing with personnel or personal issues.


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