The headline-making death of a fuel company owner brings to light the reality that freak accidents on the job can take lives in an instant. John Romanelli, the president of Burt’s Reliable Fuel Company, died from injuries he suffered in a late December fire on his company property. A fuel line ruptured and fueled sprayed on him while he was operating a heat source.

Freak accidents can leave co-workers, friends, and family unable to comprehend what went wrong because there was no way to predict such circumstances. They can happen on any job site or office space without warning. Fires, natural disasters, building collapse, and any number of situations can prove fatal and devastating to everyone involved.

While there may be no avoiding freak occurrences in the workplace, there certainly should be attention paid to the standard safety procedures and necessary protective equipment every single day on the job. Workers should be trained in basic safety actions as well as more extensive emergency situations regularly so that should something occur everyone will have a protocol to follow.

On the job accidents occur every day putting co-workers and your loved ones at risk. While some jobs may be categorically more dangerous than others, freak accidents can change the realities of the situation and you can never predict what may go wrong. Secretaries can be just as susceptible to freak occurrences as a construction worker. Consider the marketing executive killed in a recent Manhattan elevator accident.

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