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Workplace Deaths Don’t Always Get Attention, Always Affect Lives

A workplace shooting in New Mexico last week garnered a lot of media attention, and journalists threw themselves into researching dusty statistics on workplace fatalities. But while many don’t receive press outside of local papers, many manufacturing and construction accidents happen each year.
There are actually more workplace deaths each year than the United States military had in Iraq over seven years. And the matters are often significant and widespread, like the chemical releases at a DuPont factory that led to a worker’s death and Occupational Safety and Health Administration citations.
Unfortunately, six major penalties only merit $43,000 in fines for DuPont Chemical, meaning that workers may have to look at workers’ compensation and other alternatives if they have been seriously injured. Although their families may be eligible for benefits in the event of a fatal tragedy, it shouldn’t happen in the first place.
For anyone who doesn’t think that the consequences of a lack of workplace safety restrictions need only view a video that ABC News made available here. We caution that the contents are graphic and do show an employee’s death in the course of his daily work.
It’s a fact that a variety of toxic substances can occupy the same space as your work area; in fact we listed ways to know if you’ve been exposed to a toxic chemical that can impact your health.
There are a variety of workplace hazards, chemicals being just one example. If you get injured because of unsafe conditions and need help navigating your claim, consider hiring a team of attorneys like Markhoff & Mittmann, P.C. to ensure you don’t lose out on money you deserve.

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