When an unexpected accident occurs on the job, seriously injuring or killing a worker, there is cause for concern about the after effects on those who worked near the victim.

In a recent headline where a tunnel worker was killed by a chunk of falling concrete, the construction company responsible for the job site and for hiring the worker who was killed has agreed to pay for the costs of counseling as needed by the victim’s co-workers.

Grief counselors are often brought in when an accident on the job claims the life of another worker. Those who are working alongside the victim have been known to suffer from many issues as a result of the accident, including post traumatic stress disorder. It certainly is not easy to witness the injury or death of a fellow worker and the effects of this can be long-lasting.

Being present when a friend and co-worker is injured or killed can provoke many feelings of guilt and ‘woulda-coulda-shoulda’ even if there was nothing that could be done to prevent the accident from occurring. Freak accidents occur on the job all the time which are out of the control of everyone but still make people worried there was something that could have been done.

If you have been a witness to the accidental injury or death of a co-worker or were present when the accident occurred, it may be important for you to see counseling with the help of a qualified therapist. Many people develop chronic problems that affect their health and welfare, including their performance on the job.

If you have had problems sleeping, developed fears and phobias about going to work, or can’t stop thinking about what happened, it may be in your best interest to schedule an appointment with a qualified therapist who can help you through such a life-changing event. If you resist counseling, you could become a danger to yourself, your family, and everyone you work with.