There are many warehouse workers that have been injured due to a lack of protective equipment in freezing warehouse coolers. Those working in refrigerated warehouses have to dress for the colder indoor temperatures no matter how hot it is outside. Adding more danger to the situation, when liquid nitrogen is used for storing cold products, workers are at risk for fatalities if the chemical is not handled correctly or carefully.

Liquid nitrogen is often used in food storage warehouses to keep consumer products fresh. Those handling it must wear insulated gloves and even use respiratory masks to prevent injury from occurring. Frostbite can result in an instant if the liquid nitrogen makes contact with the skin. Even a little bit of the liquid chemical spilled onto human skin can cause the loss of skin which will require surgery and a lengthy time of recovery.

Working in cold conditions everyday whether or not liquid nitrogen is involved can result in medical problems and injuries due to the cold temperatures in the environment. New workers who are not experienced at working in the below-freezing warehouse environments will need to pay attention to side effects they have during work.

Loss of feeling in your fingers and toes can result due to improper insulation from the colder temperatures. It is important workers have the right protective gear to protect the skin from freezing temperatures in the air and coming from the food products they handle.


If you have suffered frostbite from working with liquid nitrogen or as the result of freezing warehouse temperatures due to lack of protective gloves and gear, you may have a claim for workers compensation benefits to aid in your recovery. Contact our legal team to discuss your case for free at 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form for more information.