Most jobs available in the nation require eyesight but many jobs can pose a serious threat to that particular sense. Our eyes are what help us on a daily basis to complete the work required of us but there are many eye injuries that can result from even minor accidents.

An optometrist is a specialist in eye care. All individuals should have annual appointments to ensure their eyes are healthy and their vision is adequate. For those who lack good vision, the optometrist will be able to prescribe glasses or contact lenses and the more serious eye conditions can be diagnosed and treated under the guidance of the optometrist.

When a work-related injury occurs that affects the eyes or the vision of the worker, there should be no delay in seeking the medical evaluation of a licensed optometrist. Eye injuries are often serious and can jeopardize your vision and your overall safety if not treated promptly.

Some of the common on-the-job eye injuries that require the assistance of an optometrist include:

Chemical Irritation

When people work around chemicals, the vapors can have a serious impact n their eyes without the chemicals making physical contact.

Chemical Spills

If chemicals or other toxins get splashed into the eyes, it is urgent that employees react properly by using an eye wash station if recommended and seeking the proper medical help.

Debris Hazards

Workers not using proper safety goggles while performing certain duties can get debris in their eye which can cause scratching, tearing, and puncturing of the eye and surrounding area.


There may be some specific circumstances where work duties promote the weakening of one’s vision. For instance, working at small detailed projects can cause people to develop headaches and illnesses related to the eye strain and can potentially damage one’s vision.

Eye Loss

There are instances in a workplace that can lead to the loss of an eye including explosions, accidents involving direct contact between equipment and the eye socket, or other freak occurrences which put eye health at risk.

If you have suffered an eye injury no matter how minor, it is vital you get to the optometrist for a full evaluation and referral if necessary. Be sure to continue following up with the doctor’s guidelines and treatment and have your vision tested annually to ensure you can see for safety reasons. Always wear protective eye gear when required or recommended on the job site.