The recently released workplace injury statistics show that injuries on the job are still commonplace in every injury and location within the United States. The statistics also highlight the specific incidents and jobs that are prone to claiming the health and even the lives of those doing the work.

Construction work has long led the list of the most dangerous jobs. They account for 1 in 5 workplace deaths each year and for 1 in 10 non-fatal accidents or injuries. This is the highest percentage when compared to other industries and professions.

Workers in construction have many dangers going on at the same time and the job tasks are often intricate, requiring alertness on many different levels. There are five leading causes of construction worker deaths including auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, electrocution, equipment accidents, and fatalities stemming from falling objects.

The leading cause of death on the job is attributed to vehicle collisions which claim the lives of nearly 1,300 people each year. Workers that drive for a living including delivery people, transportation personnel, and professional driver services are at great risk for injuries and fatalities on the job.

The workplace injury statistics also accounted for which states saw either a significant decline or increase in workplace deaths or injuries. At this time, New York is not on either list. Texas was the state with the highest recorded incidents while Alabama, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia showed 20% declines in the number of deaths in the workplace.


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