The Social Security Administration has issued a ruling on the diagnosis of fibromyalgia when it relates to a claim for disability. Because the symptoms of fibromyalgia vary in different people and in its severity, it can be one of the more difficult cases to prove as qualifying for Social Security disability benefits.

The criteria for proving disability for benefits is getting more difficult as the laws continue to change. Proving conditions that are also complex makes it even harder to prove your claim is legitimate. It is necessary to have the right legal guidance in claims for disability due to fibromyalgia to ensure you have sufficient and appropriate medical evidence to back up your claims of being disabled.

An experienced disability attorney will be able to provide the guidance and the accurate information the SSA needs to properly review your claim for disability. This will help reduce the risk of denied claim for disability.

Many of today’s applications for disability benefits are in fact denied due to incomplete applications and lacking evidence. Having a knowledgeable attorney assist you in filling out your application initially can certainly speed up the process and help you win approval for benefits.


There are many conditions which can be disabling but due to the nature of the symptoms, it can make it hard to prove legally. An experienced attorney has the necessary information and knows the current regulations to help ensure your claim for disability benefits is awarded without a lot of red tape and re-filing of applications.


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