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Is Fibromyalgia A Disabling Condition?

As you can see from this short video on Fibromyalgia, the condition can affect the entire body.  It not only causes physical problems, but can also cause severe emotional problems as well.  Those suffering from fibromyalgia tend to experience constant pain throughout the day accompanied by persistent fatigue.  Symptoms include chronic fatigue, muscle pain and spasm, constant aching, restless legs, sleep apnea, depression and headaches.  And these are just a sample of some of the symptoms.

Those suffering from fibromyalgia might very well be entitled to disability benefits because the condition directly affects an individual’s ability to function in the workplace.  While The Social Security Administration doesn’t technically recognize the condition in their set of disabling medical conditions, the symptoms involved, when taken in the aggregate, certainly rise to the level of Social Security’s standard of disability.

It’s important to remember that people suffering from fibromyalgia might very well be suffering from associated medical conditions such as Irratable Bowel Syndrome, lupus, osteoartritis, depression, rheumatoid arthritis and even post-traumatic stress disorder.  Since the condition involves every part of the body, it’s not uncommon for a person to be suffering symptoms at all hours of the day.

In breaking down Social Security’s analysis for disability claims, each and every symptom involved with fibromyalgia is considered – even the psychological or emotional symptoms.  To go even further, Social Security will also take into consideration the side effects involved with the medications that the individual might be taking.  Since this condition can be a frustrating one, more often than not, doctors will prescribe pain medication to alleviate the various symptoms.

Understanding fibromyalgia is only the first step on your path to disability benefits.  If you have worked all of your life and find yourself struggling with everyday life as a result of this condition, you owe it to yourself and your family to seek out the benefits you deserve.

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