After dealing with the pain and suffering from an injury which occurred on the job, the last thing a worker should have to deal with is additional problems from a denied workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately this does occur and the reasons behind a denied claim can vary. Regardless of why your claim was denied, the result is the same, the loss of benefits which you should rightly receive to compensate for an on the job injury.

If you find your claim has been denied, it is important to know what steps to take next to get the benefits to which you are entitled. The first thing you must do when dealing with a denied workers’ compensation claim is contact an experienced attorney to represent your case. Many injured workers make the mistake of taking on the appeals process on their own which will almost always result in the loss of benefits.

A workers’ compensation attorney understands the rules and regulations governing the system as well as laws protecting injured workers. Dealing with insurance companies, doctors and the workers’ compensation board is an overwhelming process, one which the average worker simply does not have the information or experience to handle.

When your claim is denied, you must take the appropriate steps to ensure medical expenses and lost wages are not adding to an already stressful situation created by a workplace accident. Discuss with your attorney any questions you may have and provide all information you have already received regarding your claim.