A construction worker was slightly injured while working on a demolition site at the Kennedy airport in New York recently. As the terminal was being demolished, falling debris made contact with a worker can caused injuries to his leg.

Demolition projects are dangerous by nature. They can result in all sorts of on the job injuries due to the falling debris. Serious injuries can result if the workers on site are not properly protected with hard hats, goggles, and face masks. Old buildings may contain hazardous materials and the dust that results in the air during demolition can lead to long-term health conditions including asthma, cancer, and other respiratory issues.

Demolition crews need to be highly trained to ensure their projects are completed safely. If workers are not all on the same page, many things can go wrong and injuries are possible. Falling building materials can result in fatal accidents in an instant.

Crews in demolition work with heavy equipment and should be properly trained to operate the equipment safely, ensuring all other workers are out of the way and the demolition work is done properly. In cases where crews use dynamite to bring down a building, safety plans need to reviewed and proper protective measures need to be provided to all workers on the job site.

Construction work is one of the more dangerous industries when it comes to on the job injuries. It is important that all workers are properly trained in the many aspects of construction work, demolition, emergency protocol, and overall site safety.


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