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Top 10 Most Common Work Injuries in New York

Injuries at your job may be very common or a rarity you don’t often encounter. Much of the injuries incurred in a workplace does somewhat rely on the type of industry you work in but regardless of your trade or job position, even the most random of accidents are putting employees out of work and at the doctor’s office.

Out of the 10 most common injuries on the job, the majority are those random incidents that can happen to anyone and at any time. Not only is it the employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe work environment, each employee also has a responsibility to themselves to take caution when on the job.

1. Overexertion Injuries the number one cause for workers compensation injuries is the overexertion of employee’s bodies. These injuries occur after heavy or excessive lifting, pulling, carrying, throwing, or pushing. Many jobs in every industry have positions that require such work. Even smaller tasks such as carrying copy paper in an office can cause back pain, leg pain, arm pain, and other strain injuries.  Don’t be the hero – feel comfortable asking for help if something is too heavy for you to move or lift.ere are the top 10 reported worker’s compensation injuries as listed by top insurance companies around the country.

2. Slipping/Tripping – many workplace accidents occur every day when employees trip over something or slip on materials left untreated or unattended. Even bad weather can instigate this type of injury for workers. Attention to what is going on around them is required of employees and employers will have safety guidelines to ensure spills are promptly cleaned and no debris is present which can be dangerous.

3. Falling from Heights – these injuries can occur due to slip and fall accidents or due to faulty equipment. Proper personal protective gear is necessary to prevent more serious injuries and the workplace environment needs to be secure and regularly checked for equipment and structural problems.  Reaching for something high?  Get that ladder!  Don’t stand on boxes or other materials – they might not be as sturdy as you think!

4. Reaction Injuries – these types of injuries are the result of an employee reacting to a situation, such as jumping out of the way of a falling object or pulling back when startled. These incidents can cause muscle injuries, body trauma, and a variety of other medical issues. It can be hard to prevent such incidents but it is important for employees to pay attention to what is going on in the environment around them.

5. Falling Object Injuries – these injuries occur when something in the workplace or being handled by other employees strikes parts of the body. Head injuries are a common result of this type of accident. Again, daily attention to the hazards of the work environment is necessary for prevention. Proper work gear, such as a hard hat, is also implemented into daily operation requirements by the employer.

6. Walking Into Injuries – there are many reported injuries caused by employees walking into things on the job. Head, knee, neck, and foot injuries are common results of these walking injuries. Employee’s attention to their environment and a focus on keeping the work environment free from hazards are key to preventing these types of injuries.

7. Vehicle Accidents -workers who drive on the company time clock are often injured during auto accidents, some of which can be fatal. Driver diligence is required on the part of the driver and employers likely have protocol for safe driving/delivery techniques to be used by staff.  Avoid talking on cell phones and do NOT text while driving!

8. Machine Entanglement – workers using and working around heavy equipment and machinery are susceptible to getting caught in the moving parts of the device. Clothing, shoes, fingers, and hair are common items that can easily get caught or compressed by everyday equipment during normal operation. Protective equipment and attention to personal details are necessary to avoid these incidents.

9. Repetitive Motion Injuries – injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are caused by the continuous, repeated motions performed on the job. Those working in factories or those who do a tremendous amount of typing are common examples of how these injuries can affect many workers.

10. On the Job Violent Acts – these acts occur frequently when employees get angry at each other, at management, or are prone to bringing their personal problems to the job site. Workplace violence prevention education and employee diligence for reporting suspicious activities are required to keep incidents from being exacerbated.  Don’t let something small go further.  Talk to your manager or  Human Resources Department if something is “brewing” rather than letting it get out of control.

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