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Construction Workers – Pay Attention to these Safety Tips

Working in the construction industry can be extremely dangerous.  The nature of the work carries risks — unfortunately accidents happen relatively frequently.  Some of these construction accidents can result in serious injuries or even death.  Even in the best situations,  employers cannot guarantee a 100% safe work place.  Simple things such as a change in the weather or the actions of a co-worker can lead to a dangerous situation in a split second.

Is their anything you can do to prevent your safety?  Consider these tips for your safety.

~ Take advantage of training programs – Your employer, your union and/or local organizations often run “safety” programs.
~ Observe safety rules and regulations at all times — do NOT be careless about this and do NOT cut corners to save time
~ Be sure you are trained and comfortable in using any new equipment or equipment you are unfamiliar with if you’re beginning a new job
~ Lift objects properly
~ Choose tools, including power tools, that need less force and do not strain your hand when holding them tightly
~ Sit down when working a lower levels to avoid straining your knees
~ Balance the weight of your tool belt, if wearing one
~ Avoid falls by inspecting ladders and scaffolding -and- don’t walk or sit on a skylight
~ Take appropriate action when working around toxic materials (wear protective gear and have blood levels checked regularly for lead if you work around areas coated with old paint, i.e.  bridges, tunnels and elevated highways
~ Report unsafe work conditions
~ Refuse to work in unsafe conditions – know your OSHA workplace rights
~ Be sure to wear appropriate protective equipment at all times
~ Watch for live wires

If you do become hurt or injured on the job, call Markhoff & Mittman, to learn about how workers’ compensation works, what you need to do as far as applying for benefits and provide the facts behind many of the myths you might have heard.