If you are counting on Social Security disability benefits immediately after filing your first claim, you may need to step back and take a reality check. According to reports, the 2011 amount of denied claims for disability were at a record high and as a result, the Social Security Administration is now filled with a backlog of appeals and new applications. This can mean your claim will take some time – in some cases years – to come to a conclusion.

The best way to ensure your claim for disability benefits is approved the first time, you should considering hiring an experience legal team that understands the laws of disability benefits and will work alongside you through the entire benefits application process. If you try to file on your own, you stand a great chance for being denied and having to face an appeal.

Our legal team will make sure you have the proper medical proof and documentation you need to back up your claim for disability benefits. We will also confirm your application is filled out completely so you can have the peace of mind a denial will not come due to simple mistakes or missed information.

Social Security benefits may become critical to your situation so it is in your best interest to get things done the right way the first time with one of our experienced Social Security lawyers by your side. You can contact our office toll-free 877-799-3918 for a free consultation about your disability claim. You can also get more information using our online contact form.