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You think you are disabled and can’t work, but will the Social Security Disability determination process agree?

If you are suffering from a serious disability or a debilitating medical condition, Social Security Disability may seem like exactly what you need.  However, you first have to convince the Social Security Disability Administration at the federal and state level that you are too disabled to work.


These are some of the questions asked during the disability determination process:


  1. Did you work long enough to earn Social Security Disability benefits?  You must have worked a minimum amount of time in order to qualify for disability benefits.
  2. Do your current work activities disqualify you from receiving benefits?  If you earn more than a specified amount of money for work you do now, you will not be eligible to receive benefits.
  3. Does information from your doctor support your disability claim?  Disability specialists will request information from your doctor, hospital, clinic about your condition.  This information will be used to determine if your disability means you can receive compensation.
  4. Is your medical condition severe enough to prevent you from working?  Some medical conditions, while challenging, are not enough to quality you for disability benefits.  Note, if your medical condition is on the “List of Impairments”, you will automatically be declared disabled.
  5. Are you able to do work you have done in the past, or any different kind of work?  Your medical condition, your education, previous work experience, age, skills and training are all evaluated to determine if you are able to do work you have done before or any other kind of work.  The SSA wants to be absolutely sure that you are unable to work because of your condition before you’ll be awarded benefits.


The disability determination process can be long and frustrating.  However, you can get help with the application and appeals process.  Our experienced Social Security disability benefits attorneys have helped thousands of disability applicants, and we can help you as well.


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