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5 Mistakes Made On Social Security Disability Applications

There are an estimated two million people who are applying for Social Security Disability benefits on an annual basis and as many as 70 percent of the applicants will denied benefits during the initial application process.

The common mistakes being made are often repeated time and again by a good majority of the applicants. Learning about these popular mistakes can help you avoid the same fate. Here are the top 5 reasons your Social Security Disability benefit application has been denied.

1. Filing Too Soon

Part of the criteria for receiving disability benefits is that your medical condition is expected to last for a year or longer. When you apply for benefits too quickly, it will be much harder to prove the long-term affects your disability has on our life.

2. Filing While Employed

There is not a specific rule that says you can’t file for disability benefits when you are still gainfully employed but if you are working your chances of benefits approval drop considerably. Applying for benefits essentially means you need financial assistance because you can not earn an income. By working at the time of the application submission, you are showing a much lesser need for the assistance.

3. Assuming Guaranteed Medical Proof

If you submit your application for benefits before you have enough medical proof of your disability, you may be denied benefits. Many will take for granted that the exam conducted on behalf of the SSA will show a long-term disabling condition. However, the SSA exam is meant to establish proof in association with your medical information that your disability is genuine and long-term.

4. Not Following the Doctor’s Orders

Some applicants will avoid the recommended medical treatments and follow ups because they fear their condition will improve and they will not be eligible for the benefits. The SSA examiner will take into consideration what steps you have taken to help the condition improve and if you are not following the advice of professional medical providers, it is likely your benefits claim will be denied.

5. Not Getting Legal Assistance for Appeal Process

Once an initial application is denied for Social Security Disability benefits, applicants have the right to appeal the decisions. Without soliciting the services of a qualified legal representative, many people end up with the exact same outcome. People will often hesitate to spend the money on a qualified attorney during the appeals process and subsequently lose their appeal. Working with a lawyer on a contingency basis however will allow you to have adequate legal representation without having to pay out of pocket for the help. Attorneys will receive a percentage of the back pay funds you are owed but only if they successfully win your appeal.


If you have been denied Social Security disability benefits and are planning to appeal the decision, call us toll free at 855-614-4351 or use our online contact form for more information that can help you win your benefits.