While it stands to reason that all employers want the safest environment possible for the people they employ, the reality is that many business owners neglect basic safety issues in order to cut more costs. Neglecting to buy updated personal safety equipment or failing to maintain machinery to save cash are definite areas where employers are putting their workers are risk. Neglecting basic safety affects the entire workforce.

Consider the impact of one injured worker. All other workers are likely not able to be as productive as they need to be when someone is missing from the team. This means the company as a whole suffers. If more than one worker is injured or accidents are a common part of the job, it may become very difficult for an employer to even maintain staff. Too much turnover will certainly have an impact on the bottom line.

It seems to make more sense for employers to ensure all workers are properly protected on the job. They should want to properly train employees how to use the expensive equipment and prevent injuries or even fatalities from occurring at all. Still there are some employers willing to risk taking a short cut to keep more money in the bank which is never a good idea.

It may not be noticeable when an employer neglects safety regulations especially if you do not know what the safety rules are. It is important for this reason to stay educated even if the work environment appears fine. If you are aware of safety neglect on the job, you have the ability and the right to refuse to do unsafe work or work in an unsafe environment without fear of losing your job. Some employers are more blatantly obvious about their bypassing the regulations for safety. They are taking not only serious risks with their employee’s lives, they are also taking a large risk at losing their business for good.

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