In an ideal world, there would be no need to worry about your safety when you report to work each day.  Unfortunately we do not live in world that is free of all danger, therefore it is important to know how to protect yourself as you go about your daily duties on the job.  The best way to reduce the risk of accidents and prevent injuries on the job is understanding potential hazards and how to avoid them.

Employers are required to provide certain safety information to their workers to ensure all employees are aware of certain dangers.  OSHA requires certain information to be disclosed regarding workplace hazards and individual companies have their own policies regarding workplace safety.

All workers are encouraged to seek out this information if it is not readily provided.  Know and understand what situations at work which may be hazardous and what safety procedures to follow to avoid an accident.

If you request information regarding safety procedures and any disclosures which notify workers of dangerous situations on the job and this request is denied, know that you have rights to this information.  You should also understand that when this information is provided you must take responsibility for your own actions in either following or disregarding safety procedures.  It is important for all workers to follow established safety rules to avoid injury to themselves, co-workers and any other parties with whom you may come in contact while performing job duties.