Most children are brought up to be polite and always use manners at home, in school, and out in public. Manners are still very much socially acceptable and many people wish other individuals practiced the ancient art of using manners in today’s society. However, sometimes manners in the workplace might be holding you back and even be a cause for concern when it comes to health and safety issues.

A good example of how manners can hurt you on the job is when a person is too polite to feel they can speak up about certain safety concerns they may have. Polite people tend to not want to offend others so they may choose to remain quiet rather than create any kind of conflict. While there are a lot of people who are prone to using manners whom are not afraid to speak their mind, those who choose to be too polite can be putting others at risk.

Workplace etiquette however is vital for creating camaraderie among co-workers. Using basic ‘please’ and ‘thank yous’ makes the work environment more friendly and comfortable. Co-workers tend to trust people who are polite and therefore can build a solid working relationship that increases not only productivity on the job but also workplace safety.

Another factor to consider about how you treat others on the job has to do with workplace violence. People tend to ‘snap’ when they feel they have been disrespected and that can lead to violent outbursts that cause injuries and even fatalities. For this reason it is imperative that people practice basic manners and refrain from gossiping and bullying tactics.

While etiquette on the job site is essential, it can be a difficult subject to tackle for management. On the other hand, diligent workers not afraid to speak up in the interest of all workers can report to supervisors any actions considered to be very bad manners when it comes to co-worker safety. Bullying and harassment of any kind are not to be tolerated in a work environment and management will need to have protocols in place to keep workers safe.


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