There are many considerations to make when working on a demolition cite. A recent roof collapse at a middle school in New York turned out okay for the worker involved. When the roof collapsed the worker was able to walk out from underneath it without injury but that is not the case in many other situations.

Demolition sites are dangerous places to be working no matter how experienced the workers are. There is no telling what may happen at any given time. Building materials can fall without warning or in a totally opposite direction than intended. When multiple workers are active in demolishing a site, there is added hazard as everyone is focused on their own jobs and not necessarily what everyone else is doing. While the middle school worker was lucky to escape without injury, many workers are not as fortunate with some accidents on the job resulting in paralysis or even death.

While workers may be abiding by safety protocol, there may be accidents that are essentially unpreventable due to the nature of the work. Those who are working in demolition areas need to be properly trained to handle the job at hand and still be vigilant about what is going on around you.

Donning appropriate protective gear is essential to prevent more serious injuries from occurring in the event something does go wrong. Workers also need to know how to respond correctly in the event of an unexpected incident such as a roof collapse. They also need to know how to communicate effectively with other workers while the demolition work is going on.

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