Working in a dangerous environment often puts workers on edge, especially when large equipment or big materials are being used on a job site. While situations that trigger crush syndrome are not typically common, any worker can be at risk throughout their work career.

There have been many national headlines involving people being trapped under equipment, under collapsed scaffolding, or crushed after a building collapse. When situations like this arise due to co-worker or employer negligence, a chaotic environment can quickly become reality. Co-workers need to know how to properly handle a trapped person situation in order to keep order on the site and save the victim’s life.

When the body is being crushed, it is only a matter of time before damage becomes un-repairable and the victim succumbs to their injuries. It is for this reason that an action plan be established to ensure workers know how to react in order to keep themselves safe while at the same time providing assistance for the victim/victims.

For the same reason, employers need to take extreme care about establishing preventative safety plans to increase the chances that accidents will not occur on the jobsite and all workers will be safe. Training for proper equipment usage and safety procedures for handling large materials is key to keeping employees safe.

Being trapped and crushed under excessive weight is a horrible thing to endure. Physically the patient suffers immensely while his family and co-workers are left devastated by such a random, tragic accident.


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