This year’s flu season has been particular hard across the country and especially in New York. Many are being hit with the severe flu symptoms leaving them unable to go to work for days or weeks on end. The flu may be a common conditions affecting just about anybody but it is also a very serious condition.


Missing work due to the flu is also a common occurrence. No one with the flu should be allowed to go to work because of the danger to their co-workers and the public. Those who have the flu are highly contagious. The virus can become widespread as it often does through schools and workplaces.


The flu can also complicate other chronic medical conditions you may currently have. So not only are you out of work for a few days with the flu, you may also miss longer periods of time if the flu becomes other major problems like bronchitis or pneumonia. You may even end up hospitalized and have to face high medical bills for several weeks of treatment.


If you are around people on the job, make sure you frequently wash your hands with soap and warm water and use hand disinfectant to cut down on your exposure to the flu virus. Putting your fingers into your mouth is the number one reason why people come down with the flu. Germs can live for several hours or a day on a surface and touching those surfaces and then touching your mouth, eyes, or nose, puts you at risk of becoming infected. Get your flu vaccine even if your employer does not require one for your own health and safety.


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