The flu virus doesn’t discriminate. It can hit anyone hard and put them out of commission for several days or several weeks, depending on the status of your current health. In some cases, those who are more at risk health-wise when infected with the flu end up hospitalized.

Typically, those at the most risk are those with the weakest immune systems. Pregnant women could develop medical Flu-related medical conditions riskcomplications when infected with the flu. Those at highest risk include babies, young children, and the elderly. This also includes people who have current medical issues that have affected their immune system. Additional conditions including pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections, and sinus infections can develop in addition to the serious symptoms of the flu.

Those already battling chronic health conditions may see an increase in their medical problems when worsened by the flu virus. Some of the chronic medical conditions that can be negatively affected by the flu include people with asthma, chronic lung disease, heart disease, kidney disorders, blood disorders, liver disorders, those with chronic diseases, and those who are morbidly obese.

What To Do About Flu-Related Medical Conditions

It is very important to consult with your family physician about your health risks where the flu is concerned and be sure to get your flu vaccination in a timely manner if your doctor recommends it. Your primary health conditions can make it significantly more difficult to recover from the flu virus when also battling other medical problems.

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