When flu begins to show up in epidemic occurrences, people tend to panic. Those with a flu shot run to the nearest doctor while those who did get the shot are scrambling to avoid the germs anyway. There are sever common myths surrounding influenza and it is in your best interest to know what is true and what is not.Flu Myths Exposed

Here are some of the Flu myths to be exposed in your best interest:

Getting the Flu Shot Will Give Me the Flu

This belief has been widely held by many in the public and as a result, some people have not received the flu shot despite their potential risks. The flu shot consists of viruses which are in active. People who get the flu shot cannot get the flu as a result of the shot. There may be side effects caused by the shot including swelling, soreness, or a low grad fever. These side effects are typically mild and only last a day or two.

You Can’t Get the Flu Twice

If you get the flu, you will be affected by a certain strain of the virus. You can recover from the flu and become re-infected again during the flu season. It is important to get the flu shot even if you have already fallen sick with the flu.

I Will Only Get the Flu if Someone Sneezes on Me

While coughing and sneezing can transmit the flu virus to other people from an infected person, it is not the only way one can get the flu. The virus itself can live on surfaces and in the air for several hours. Typically, most people contract the flu by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their own mouths.

It’s Too Late in the Season for a Flu Shot

The flu season usually hits its stride in January and February. It is not too late to get a shot even if the middle of the flu season is here. You will need approximately two weeks to allow the vaccine to protect you fully so don’t keep putting off the shot or you may end up with the sickness.