Workers Comp For Warehouse EmployeeA warehouse proves a particularly hazardous job environment due to all of the elements going on at once.

Working in a busy warehouse environment amidst shelves chock full of stock can get chaotic even during the slow times.

Unfortunately, this type of work environment often results in various types of accidents which can lead to serious injuries for warehouse workers.

If you’ve been injured in a warehouse accident or any other type of accident contact us today to discuss your eligibility for workers’ compensation. We represent all types of workers in New York who have been injured on the job.

Warehouse Accidents & Injuries

Busy warehouses require alertness at all times. Unfortunately because many warehouse workers are employed on shifts, fatigue will often be a root of the accident’s cause. Driving heavy equipment while drowsy can injure the driver as well as anyone on the work floor.

In addition to fatigue, basic safety measures are often ignored because employees are not trained properly or if they are receiving training, they don’t take it seriously enough.

Forklift Accidents

Warehouses typically have workers moving on foot at the same time forklift operators and truck drivers are all trying to get the job done. Unfortunately, as people get comfortable in the workplace, they often neglect basic safety rules.

Forklift Danger Sign In New YorkWhile forklifts can be helpful, they can also be very hazardous causing serious accidents and injuries for warehouse workers.

Some examples of forklift accidents include vehicle-on-vehicle crashes, employee injuries from being run over or trapped between a vehicle, driver injury from falls exiting the vehicle, and other vehicle-related accidents. Many of the cases are due to driver or pedestrian negligence to safety regulations but many are also due to mechanical failings of the motorized vehicles they are operating.

The Dangers Of Falling Objects

Another common type of accident in warehouses involves falling objects or equipment. Many warehouses store materials and products on elevated shelving. Unfortunately, warehouse workers often suffer serious injuries after being struck by a falling object.

Common Warehouse Worker Injuries

Warehouse workers are susceptible to numerous different types of injuries, however the nature of work hazards and accidents result in some injuries being more common than others.

For example, many warehouse workers suffer head injuries or spinal injuries after being struck by a falling object. Additionally, accidents involving forklifts and other types of heavy machinery can result in bone fractures and other serious injuries.

What To Do After A Warehouse Accident

If you’ve been involved in a warehouse accident it is important to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries that you may have suffered. After seeking medical attention it is advisable to consult with a qualified lawyer about your legal options.

Many warehouse workers who become injured on the job are unable to return to work for an extended period of time. As a result, these workers often lose their main source of income while recovering from their injury. Furthermore, injured workers typically incur costly medical bills associated with their injuries.

Unfortunately, these circumstances can lead to unmanageable financial pressures.

However, injured workers do have hope through workers’ compensation and other forms of financial support.

Seek Workers’ Compensation For Warehouse Employees

New York Workers’ Compensation laws state that all workers who are injured in the course of work are entitled to receive workers compensation no matter what caused their injury. As a result, you are likely entitled to workers’ comp benefits if you were injured on the job.

These benefits typically pay for all medical expenses associated with a workplace injury, as well as a portion of a worker’s lost wages.

However, obtaining the benefits that you need can be very difficult and many claims are initially denied for various reasons.

Contact The Disability Guys For Help

The Disability Guys have been helping warehouse workers and other injured workers for years. As a result, we have the experience that is necessary to win the toughest of claims.

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