There are still many cleanup crews on the scene in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy Unfortunately, while progress is being made towards restoration of the towns involved, those working long hours are still very much at risk for injuries while on the job.

OSHA has been issuing important reminders and guidance for cleanup workers to prevent accidents and injuries. However, reports show that when it comes to actual citations and fines, there has been very minimal activity. Most in violation of safety policies have been let go with just a warning and no further follow up.

Workers in the cleanup areas in the aftermath of Sandy are still facing many dangers. Many workers have been reportedly injured after falling from the roof of buildings due to the lack of safety gear meant to prevent such an occurrence. Others have received serious injuries after coming in contact with exposed electrical wires and suffering electrocution and burns. Another common work injury faced by cleanup workers is the exposure to chemicals still present in the areas flooded during the storm.

Without proper safety gear including gloves, face masks, and harness protection, workers are being injured all too often. There has been literally thousands of unsafe working conditions noted on file with federal inspectors from OSHA but still the hazards remain. The contractors are ignoring safety rules despite the ongoing occurrence of injuries and serious accidents.

Workers have the right to refuse to complete job tasks if they consider the situation to be dangerous or if they lack the proper safety gear and training. They can refuse the work without retribution from management but most may not be aware of this factor and continue to do the job rather than lose their much needed income.

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