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Workplace Safety Tips —€“ Working With Nitrogen

Nitrogen may be used in a workplace for a number of reasons in either liquid or gas form. Anyone who is working around nitrogen will need to be properly trained and take the appropriate safety precautions in order to avoid injury on the job. Exposure to the highly concentrated gas can cause major medical problems for workers and can even result in death if safety guidelines are not properly followed.


Working with liquid nitrogen requires solid protective equipment for the skin. Because the liquid is very cold, severe cases of frostbite can occur on contact. There is also a risk to the eyes should the liquid splash and protective eyewear is not in place. Insulated gloves will help protect skin from being affected by the liquid and a full face mask will prevent facial injuries. Proper footwear will also be important for handling the liquid nitrogen in the event of spills. No skin should be exposed around the dangerous liquid so long pants and sleeves will be necessary.


When working nitrogen gas, it is vital the work area has proper ventilation. Breathing in too much of the gas can be toxic to the human body. Windows and doors should be opened and air should be circulated efficiently. Respiratory masks can be effective in reducing the inhalation of gas and providing clean oxygen to protect your lungs and respiratory system overall.


Safety guidelines when working with or around nitrogen are important to the overall safety of the workplace. One accidental spill around unprotected workers can cause many serious injuries and may even result in death. All employees who work with or near nitrogen gas or liquid need to understand the devastating consequences of nitrogen spills and inhalation and what to do if an accident occurs. It is also important employers supply the right type of protective gear to employees and provide instruction on the proper way to utilize the protective equipment available.