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Workplace Health and Safety Hazards – What’s Most Common?

With all the recent talk about OSHA, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the policies they are putting into place to further enforce health and safety conditions in the workplace, this article on what businesses can and should be doing seemed very timely!  For starters, it identified the nine most common workplace health and safety hazards; do you know what they are?

1.  Communicable Disease
2.  Transportation Accidents
3.  Workplace Violence
4.  Slipping and Falling
5.  Toxic Events, particularly chemical and gas exposure
6.  Getting struck by objects
7.  electrocution or explosion
8.  repetitive motion and ergonomic injuries
9.  hearing loss

Needless to say, some of these are less likely to happen in some work places than others.  Employers need to examine their work places and environments and address those hazards that are likely to occur in their businesses.  Employees have OSHA rights and should feel comfortable letting their employers know of anything they see that could be damaging to themselves or others.  Sometimes it is the workers that see these things before the employers.

Why not read the complete article which addresses what employers can be doing to prevent accidents in these nine areas and even bring it to your employer?  Employers might be grateful….wouldn’t we all rather be safe than sorry?
And, if you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones injured for any of the reasons you might want to look into your workers compensation benefits.  Disability attorneys at Markhoff & Mittman will be happy to give you a FREE consultation.