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Worker’s Comp Cases and Vehicle Accidents

While vehicle accidents can happen at any time, when you are working at the time of the crash your workers compensation rights will need to be protected. As a driver for a company, accidents are an everyday risk taken but there are certain security measures and training your employer should be providing in the interest of your health and safety.

Vehicle accidents can range to minor fender benders to more involved situations resulting in hospitalization or even a fatality. As a driver, your employer should have a list of precautionary protocol to follow as in the case of long-haul truck drivers and how many hours they are allowed to drive.  It is important to follow the rules while on the job to ensure that you not only avoid accidents but you are legitimately ‘on the job’ when an accident occurs.

Some of the professions that have a higher rate of worker’s compensation related claims involving vehicles accidents include bus drivers, police officers, cab drivers, limousine drivers, sales staff, transportation representatives, and delivery personnel. In some situations, an employee who normally does not driver on business time will be asked to perform errands and such when the vehicle accident occurred. Provided you are legitimately on company time when an accident occurs, your injuries can be compensated through workers comp benefits.