Untermyer Gardens Conservancy

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Founded in 2011, the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy was created to restore Samuel Untermyer’s Gardens, located in Yonkers, New York.


Samuel Untermyer purchased Greystone, previously owned by Samuel Tilden, back in 1899. His ambition was to take the gardens and greenhouses and transform them into what is known as the most eminent gardens in America today.

In 1916, Untermyer hired Beaux-Arts architect Welles Bosworth to completely reconstruct and transform the 150 acres of garden that overlooked the Hudson River. After its remodel, the garden was open to the public on a weekly basis and was maintained by 60 gardeners.

After Untermyer’s death, the garden was distributed to the City of Yonkers, which carried ownership of around 43 acres. Today, the gardens are unkempt by the Conservancy and help from horticulturists and gardeners.

The Gardens

The grounds are made up of several gardens, all inspired by their own antiquity.

The great Indo-Persian gardens inspired the Walled Garden. Streams of water separate the garden into quads that were designed to imitate the religious descriptions of what was considered the garden of paradise.

The Vista was sculpted after the Villa D’Este in Italy. It displays a beautifully manicured garden separated down the middle with steps that cascade down towards the Hudson River.

The Color Gardens are made up of six sections of different colored flowers, each individually planted with a specific color scheme. The array of colors include pink, blue, white, yellow, and red, with a delphinium garden at the bottom.

The Temple of Love overlooks the gorgeous Hudson River and is described as a glorious rock garden that interlaces lovely waterfalls and ponds.

With so many other gardens to share, we don’t want to ruin the experience for you to visit and explore each individual on your own. When in Yonkers, be sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity to bask in the natural beauty this Conservancy has left us with.

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