Companies are battling stress in work environments every day of the year. Employees, management, and executive level staff are all likely dealing with some form of stress in the workplace. The stress may be directly related to what is going on in the workplace or it may be carried onto the job by stressed out workers.  Whatever the cause of the stress, the effects can prove bad for business.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of stress on the job and cut down on the negative influence stress can have on workers’ lives. One company participating in the survey stated they are offer employee assistance programs which offer services to reduce the stress experienced on the job, cut down on employee absenteeism, and change the turnover rates among workers.

Experts believe that organizations that want to remain productive also need to remain proactive. By prioritizing the well-being of the employees with resources to help with stress, companies can take a great step forward in preventing the side effects of stress. A good quality assistance program will offer counseling services, team building management, interpersonal skills, and training to handle change in the workplace.

If you are feeling burned out at work, it can be easy to lose focus and end up lacking motivation and productivity which can put your job on the line. It is important to seek out the counseling services available to you on the job. Even if you are not feeling particularly stressed at the moment, it is always good to know what you have access to when times get tougher. Dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety should not be put off and if your employer is offering the help necessary, be sure to take them up on it.

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