There have been tons of headlines over the years about the mistakes doctors and nurses are making out of exhaustion. Working long hours with the public in potential dangerous situations not only brings up safety concerns for worker’s physical health, the emotional toll stress can play on a medical worker’s health is certainly a common occurrence.

Stress in any job can have chronic and long-term health effects. In the medical field, stress can be non-stop, especially in busy hospitals, emergency rooms, and within the walls of an ambulance. The responsibilities of car and the harsh realities of mankind can take a serious toll.

While hospital management must contemplate better ways to manage the time doctors and nurse put in to ensure patients are cared for by alert staff, those employed in high-stress fields like healthcare need to heed their own medical advice and realize when too much stress is too much. Often medical care providers ignore their own health despite what they preach to patients they treat.

Mental health of medical care workers is also a concern for healthcare workers. Dealing with people from all walks of life suffering from trauma and their own mental health issues can leave caring medical providers depressed and stressed to their limits. Sadly, other medical staff can also be the root of an employee’s poor mental health such as when management tends to treat staff poorly, despite their hard work saving lives.


If your stress levels are on the rise, it is wise to acknowledge it and seek the medical treatment you need to keep your health on track. If you are suffering from severe job-related stress, contact our office to discuss your situation. You can reach us toll free at 855-614-4351 or use our online contact form.