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When Angry Workers Turn The Workplace Into A Boxing Ring

In the fast paced society in which we live, it is not uncommon to come across individuals who are overworked, overwhelmed and overstressed. These conditions can come together to create a perfect storm of emotions that often result in angry outbursts. These outbursts may occur at home, on the road or even at the grocery store. While most people try to maintain a cool head at work, this is often an environment where stressful situations can trigger a violent response. To ensure the safety of both employers and employees, businesses would benefit by offering anger management tips to create a safe workplace environment. The following tips can help workers keep their cool when temperatures rise in the workplace.

  • Avoidance- One of the easiest ways to prevent angry outbursts is to avoid the situations which trigger them. If a specific person or situation is known to cause stress and anger, avoiding that trigger prevents the potential of a volatile situation.
  • Relaxation activities- Employers are encouraged to teach and promote simple relaxation activities to help deal with frustrating situations.
  • Recognize signs- Employees can be taught how to spot signs of a situation escalating out of control. Employees should also be taught how to diffuse a situation to prevent workplace violence.

With unemployment numbers remaining high in the wake of the recession, employees are experiencing more stress and anger over frustrating situations. Problems at home or elsewhere can make the situation worse, with co-workers taking the brunt when an employee is unable to handle their anger in a healthy manner. It is important for employees to provide workers with assistance in managing their anger while enforcing a no tolerance policy for violence in the workplace.

When violence occurs in the workplace, employees may find themselves injured as a result. While this situation may not seem to qualify as a workers compensation issue, it is possible that the injured party may have a valid claim. To learn more about compensation to which you may be entitled after suffering a workplace injury, consult New York workers compensation attorneys for advice.

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