Dermatologists are qualified medical experts that diagnose, treat, and provide surgical procedures for conditions that affect the skin and the hair, scalp, and nails of patients. There are a number of genetic-related skin issues that are treatable by a dermatologist but you may also need to visit a dermatologist for a number of reasons related to an injury on the job.

There are some jobs that involve working around toxic materials that can cause skin reactions and diseases. Some employees may even find they are allergic to certain substances which result in irritating skin conditions and serious rashes that require ongoing treatment. Skin infections may also be common in the workplace due to the potential for cuts and scratches. Infections, if not treated properly, can lead to other serious health concerns including surgery and even amputation.

Dermatologists are also a part of the procedures related to cosmetic surgery that may be necessary as part of a worker’s compensation injury. Accidents that have caused severe injuries may require surgical intervention to repair the health and appearance of the skin depending on the severity of the injury.