Many teens need to take on summer jobs to earn extra spending cash or to help meet their financial obligations. While many jobs are seasonal and meant for teen workers, there are many dangerous job positions teens are expected to take to earn a wage.


The National Consumers League has recently released a list of the five most dangerous teen jobs and some of the results were surprising concerning worker safety for young workers. Many of the jobs considered dangerous for teens include work that requires driving and travel. Car accidents have been a factor in worker deaths for adult workers too. Equipment operation has also been a leading source of injuries for teen workers. When machines malfunction or workers are hurt in a fall from a piece of equipment, jobs get more dangerous.


With the existing tough job market, many teens will likely be forced into taking dangerous jobs just to earn a paycheck. The younger generation who are working seasonal jobs may not be receiving the proper training necessary to protect them on the job. Due to inexperience and a lack of insight due to age, many teen workers will not realize they are being put in danger on the job.


More than 400 teen workers are hurt on the job everyday across the country. Further statistics show that in 2011, 34 teen and child workers were killed while on the job. State child labor laws have been changing, especially where agricultural work is concerned. Moving forward there is a great risk now for children who engage in farming work, especially at a young age.


Parents can be instrumental in helping teens stay safe on the job by investigating the types of work required as well as what training is provided. Summer jobs may be getting harder to come by but those with inherent risks are especially concerning.