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WC Benefits Available to the Part Time Worker

Often teenagers and college students take on risky summer jobs that put them in danger of injury during the long, hot summer months. Lifeguarding, construction, and landscaping are popular among the younger set because summer temporary work is plentiful. However, these jobs often result in injury and many people misunderstand that even those part-time, teenage workers can be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits through their employer.

Manual labor jobs often require muscle but also produce a lot of sweat. As young workers want to gain experience, they often have to work through on-the-job training which can bring about a series of injuries including broken bones from slips and falls, cuts, burns, and even sun-related illnesses. Even administrative and office personnel are subject to injuries including repetitive motion injuries. As many young people are also inexperienced in the workforce protocol, they often fail to report their injuries in a prompt and proper way. Workers compensation coverage is not only for full-time employees of a company. If a summer worker is injured on the job while performing job task, benefits can be obtained per the protocol of the company.

Before teens take on a new summer job, they should consider finding out more about the work than just the pay rate and hours. Safety should be a concern for the younger workers as many job duties are not for the completely inexperienced. Few young workers will also not take the proper steps for finding out the important information they need to know about the company policies. Usually it is not until something bad does happen does the younger employ begin to understand the importance of knowing what to do.

Summer work can be an enjoyable and profitable way to spend a summer home from college but it can also be a risk to health and safety of first-time workers. It is advisable summer workers new to the job get a first-hand look at how things work both on the job site as well as within the company’s policies. If worker’s compensation injuries occur, summer workers need to report them immediately to a supervisor and seek the appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. Letting injuries go too far for too long can jeopardize benefit eligibilities.