People who work directly with the general public need to have special characteristics that allow them to face just about anything. Unfortunately, just as working with the public can be extremely gratifying but at the same time it can be dangerous.

Consider those working in the various bars and clubs with intoxicated patrons. Waitresses and bartenders are often hit on by patrons who can turn aggressive with their advances and sexual harassment tendencies. Not only are their safety issues to deal with while still on the job, some workers have been accosted while leaving their shift. Assaults are not uncommon on workers serving the public. It is a huge worker’s compensation risk that many people do not address.

Working with strangers leaves you open to just about anything happening. It is very important to take any threats seriously and report incidents, even minor ones, to appropriate management personnel. It may be your only defense should something physical happen that causes injuries.

Being employed in a job that deals with the public also requires training for safety. Make sure your employer has regular safety seminars to train all employees how to deal with situations that get out of hand. Often your co-workers are your first defense from something happening to you at work.

In these days of increased violence and heightened safety concerns, it is important to take all threats or incidents seriously the first time. Don’t wait until something more serious happens before reporting what is happening to management.