Decades ago it may have been unheard of to have an employee so disgruntled they actually retaliated violently in their workplace but these days, it is unfortunately becoming more common.

There are many reasons why a person who is unhappy takes out their frustrations on co-workers. In many cases, the motive for violence can be traced back to bullying and teasing from others on the job. Constant bullying and harassment has been the root of many violent attacks in the workplace. Employees who can no longer face going to work each day make the unfortunate decision to get back at the bullies but often involved innocent bystanders in the melee.

Other employees who turn violent on the job may be suffering from medical conditions that are not being addressed or treated properly. Mental instability coupled with stress on the job can trigger violent outbursts that leave others injured, impaired or mortally wounded.

Management has a responsibility to not only integrate a plan to prevent violence from occurring, they also need to be training and keeping employees current on the protocol used when harassment or bullying is an issue. There also needs to be a plan in place for such times when things do spin out of control.

Injuries from acts of workplace violence can range from minor physical injuries to death. In most cases, witnesses and victims alike will also suffer long-term emotional issues in the aftermath of a violent outburst. If you have been caught in the proverbial crossfire or were the intended victim of a workplace attack by a co-worker, you have to make sure your rights are protected concerning worker’s compensation claims as well as other legal issues stemming from person-on-person violence.

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