Greenwich Village is one of New York City’s most legendary neighborhoods. Since the 1960s, this enclave in Lower Manhattan has cultivated countless artists and creatives. Today, the neighborhood’s unique heritage is reflected in its nightlife. Our Manhattan workers compensation lawyers have compiled a list of some of our favorite places to go during a night out in Greenwich Village:

The Village Underground

The Village Underground is one of the best places to watch a concert or a comedy show in New York City. The dimly-lit venue hosts bands that regularly play larger venues, which allows concert-goers to enjoy rarely intimate shows with some of their favorite artists. The Comedy Cellar is also a key venue in New York City’s legendary comedy scene. The Cellar recently opened a second, larger and more comfortable room. The new room kept the same decor as the classic original, featuring brick walls, the same Comedy Cellar stage, and the same lighting.

After the show, you can enjoy some drinks in the nightlife section of the venue. There’s usually an interesting crowd to mingle with, and it makes a great way to cap off a fun night at a concert or stand-up show.

Rooftop 93

Rooftop 93 offers some of the best ambiance and rooftop views of any lounge in New York City, but without any of the pretentiousness that you can expect to find at other rooftop lounges in Manhattan. The lounge is located on the 18th floor of the Wyndham Garden Hotel – simply enter the hotel and take the elevator up. There’s no cover here, and the bouncer will simply check your ID and tell you to have a good time. No strict dress codes or stuffiness here. The bar takes up two floors, with the 18th offering indoor seating and the 19th featuring outdoor seating and spectacular views of the World Trade Center and Empire State Building.

The Up & Up

Don’t let the name fool you – the Up & Up is actually located downstairs in a basement. It’s a bit hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the street, so you might have to keep an eye out to see it. This gives the cocktail bar a bit of a speakeasy feel, although the decor is more out of the 1950s and 60s. The specialty cocktails here are some of the most delicious in the city, and diverse enough that everyone in your party should be able to find something they enjoy. We recommend getting here early, as it can be more difficult to get inside later in the night.

Zinc Bar

Zinc Bar is a jazz venue with a low-key, relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy performances by talented musicians from all over the world while sipping one of the venue’s wide variety of specialty cocktails. A great place to watch live music whether you’re familiar with the artist or not – we love stopping in here to broaden our listening horizons and discover new sounds.

Railway NYC

Railway NYC offers some of the best cocktails in Greenwich Village and in a unique setting. You guessed it – the entire bar is train-themed, including a railroad sign out front, a dimly-lit basement bar with train-car decor, and curtains on the wall which are pulled over to one side so that patrons can watch looping videos of the interior view of a moving train. A trip to Railway NYC always makes for a fun night in Greenwich Village.