The recent arrest in New York of 18 individuals found to be committing fraud against their workers compensation claims are just another example of how rampant fraud is in the system.

Many of the people arrested as part of the investigation were found to be collecting workers compensation benefits while continuing to maintain a job under the table with another company. People committing such fraudulent crimes are not getting away with a couple of bucks either. They are getting away with thousands of dollars of monies that are hurting the working world in general.

Employers are finding it harder to pay the rising workers compensation premiums that are riding on the tail of each fraudulent action. In some cases, workers compensation insurance is so high employers can’t afford it and therefore they decide not to maintain it. Unfortunately, the employers then end up paying the price when busted for not having appropriate workers compensation insurance coverage.

It is a vicious cycle in the working world and it appears that the NY Workers Compensation Board is getting more aggressive with the fraudulent incidents so employers and workers will both benefit.

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