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5 Red Flags of Workers Comp Fraud

When workers compensation fraud is committed it affects not only the employers but also all workers within a company. Fraudulent claims for workers compensation cost big money and can eventually jeopardize the stability of the company you are working for.

While workers compensation fraud tactics are getting more complex, there are still obvious red flags that may indicate a claim is not on the up and up. Here are the 5 top red flags of possible workers compensation fraud:

Waiting to File Report

Injuries incurred on the job should be reported immediately. Potential signs of fraud involve an employee waiting days or weeks to report the incident to proper management personnel.

Inconsistent/Unclear Details

When reporting an accident on the job, fraud may be indicated when details of what took place are vague and the person filing the report had difficulties remembering the details. Inconsistencies in the report are also common.

Unrelated to Job Duties

Workers compensation claims that involve injury details that do not relate to the employee’s actual job duties may be a red flag. Injuries involving job tasks the employee doesn’t even have to do may be suspicious.

Disgruntled Employees

Past unhappiness on the part of the employee who has filed a claim for workers compensation may indicate a tendency for retaliation. Claims are filed falsely as a way for the unhappy employee to get retribution. Claims may also be filed if an employee has been known to have financial issues they are unable to resolve.

Difficult to Follow Up With During the Work Day

Adjuster will often have issues reaching the employee who claims injury on the job during the normal workday. Family members have been known to cover for the supposedly injured worker who can not come to the phone or schedule a personal interview to investigate the incident.


Fraudulent workers compensation claims hurt everyone but if you have a legitimate injury while on the job, you need legal guidance to ensure your workers compensation claim is handled correctly. Contact our office toll free at 855-614-4351 or use our confidential online form to request an evaluation of your claim for benefits.