There are hundreds of American workers every day that file claims for being hurt on the job. Whether it is slip and fall related-accidents, vehicle accidents, or hard labor injuries, these injury reports seem to be increasing. However, there is also an increase in the amount of claims that are actually fraudulent.  These false reports are costing ordinary citizens a ton of money they probably don’t even realize they are spending.

Worker’s compensation fraud is on the rise and teams of investigators are uncovering so many incidents of fraudulent injury claims. Many of those guilty of the fraud are being caught on tape acting less than injured but still happy to collect benefits from the worker’s compensation offices. Instances like these cost billions of dollars annually and it is other workers who end up footing the expense year after year.

Special investigators have captured offenders on tape who are supposed too injured to work but are capable of participating in rodeos, home improvement projects, or moonlighting for another company engaged in hard labor activities. These investigators are getting more work than ever and warn all Americans that they are paying the price. Costs for many things increase thanks to worker’s compensation fraud. Price increases affect the grocery stores, the malls, and many other industries and businesses.

While many more offenders are being caught and convicted of defrauding the workers compensation agency, many are still citing injuries, collecting benefits, and have no work-related injury to speak of. Claimants are not the only ones who are getting busted with workers compensation fraud as many more health care providers have also been found guilty of actively participating in many levels of worker’s compensation benefit fraud.