If you are hurt at work and start receiving workers compensation benefits, don’t even consider taking another job and defraud the system. In a recent workers compensation investigation, 18 people were arrested for various levels of fraud.

Even those that didn’t actually collect benefits while working another job were arrested under the allegations of fraud. They were found to have lied on claim applications or were collecting nice paychecks and benefits at the same time.

While on the job injuries can hurt your income stability, there is something that can affect you worse – jail. Being arrested for workers compensation fraud means you have a lot more problems on your plate, financially and otherwise. Being in jail means you cannot work at all and stand a good chance of losing your extra job and your benefits at the same time, putting you in a serious financial quandary.

Workers compensation fraud investigations are ongoing and due to their necessity it is rare someone will slip under the radar for very long. Workers compensation is meant to help you when you have been injured at work and if you are trying to defraud the system, you are hurting everyone else who is meant to collect legitimate benefits.