Serious injuries are the result of an assault which involved four men at GlobalFoundries on Wednesday afternoon. Charged with the assault is, Eddie Robinson Jr., 42- of Albany. As reported by, “According to the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department, Eddie Robinson Jr., 42, a former employee of Ducci Electrical, entered the GlobalFoundries complex and assaulted four of his former co-workers.”

The Wall Street Journal reported “Police say a man fired from his job at an upstate New York computer chip plant construction site has been charged with assaulting four former co-workers, including one hit in the face with a fire extinguisher.”

This incident is just one of hundreds which occur each year at businesses across the nation. Despite an increased awareness of workplace violence, situations where an employee terminated from their job returns to the former place of work still happen on a regular basis. Employers are encouraged to learn what signs to look for which may indicate a person may be a danger to others, however it is not always possible to identify signs that an employee might become violent.

In this case, Robinson was recently fired by one of the subcontractors at the site. After losing his position as an electrical worker, Robinson returned to his former place of employment and allegedly assaulted former co-workers. According to the report published by, “Police said he struck one man in the face several times with a fire extinguisher and then assaulted three other men, causing facial and bodily injuries. Robinson fled the scene of the incident, but was later arrested with the help of the Albany Police Department.” It is not known how Robinson accessed entry to the site according to investigator Kevin Mullahey. The attack resulted in three victims being transported to Saratoga Hospital for treatment while the victim attacked with the fire extinguisher was later transported to Albany Medical Center. The fourth victim declined treatment at the scene.