Several instances of workplace violence in New York and elsewhere in the United States have many people wondering why it happens and how to prevent the on-the-job injuries and fatalities that are suffered as a result. Dr. Larry Barton, who works with the FBI Academy to teach threat assessment, says that workplace violence is a widespread problem that claims the lives of two workers each day on average.

What Can Be Done about Workplace Violence in New York?

Barton encourages employers to keep an eye on employees, especially those who are under additional stress or are having difficult issues in their personal lives, such as divorce or domestic violence. Barton says that employers should also pay attention to reports of employee complaints and be careful not to ignore workers who share this information:

“The vast majority – over 71 percent of the people I’ve studied over the years – communicate in advance. They tell a coworker or supervisor either some type of suicidal or homicidal ideations. It could be in a blog, in a meeting, it could be to a union rep. It’s typically signaled in advance.”
The White Plains workers' compensation lawyers with Markhoff & Mittman encourage employees to be aware and report concerning behavior or any threats of violence to human resources or a supervisor as soon as possible. If you have been injured by co-worker violence, or if you need help with a different workers' compensation question, we would be happy to speak with you in a free and confidential legal consultation to address any concerns you may have.